Savant Design Inc                                                                        product design studio, expert in planning and execution

Visual Planning (Brain Storming)

We think and sketch in 3D. Starting with a wide focus, we explore numerous solutions to your product requirements. The first rule of brain storming is simply "there is no such thing as a bad idea." With powerful rendering software and support for a variety of media we review, refine and narrow the focus. Brain-storming and subsequent refinement is executed interactively with our clients. Ideas can be explored and reviewed as:
  • edrawings, download free viewer for windows or mac. buy edrawings app for ipad. check out a few tutorials. either way this is a great collaboration tool.
  • pdf, everyone has Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • virtually any raster or vector format.

  • high resolution color hard copy.

Virtual Products (photo-realistic rendering)

Many disciplines are required to create a successful product. Marketing, design, manufacturing engineering, accounting and sales must all work together and on parallel paths. We do not do it all. We do provide a sharp focus and a solid foundation for our clients and third parties they may employ. "A 3D data base serves as a foundation for transforming ideas to successful products."

Concurrent Engineering (virtual prototypes)

We build complete and accurate 3D CAD models. Our CAD models reflect expertise in plastics and sheet metal. Internal components, such printed wiring assemblies, are checked for interference. A complete CAD model drives, cost-efficient and manufacturable tooling and products.

"Powerful solid modeling software is essential." Solidworks  features the Parasolids modeling engine, robust filleting, shelling and edibility. Solidworks is written for windows, not ported from unix. Solidworks enhances design freedom rather than constraining our creative process. Savant Design does not provide rapid prototyping services. Savant Design has developed close relationships with rapid prototyping and rapid tooling vendors.


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